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Flame Safeguard Amplifier


Description :

The Fireye 70D41 flame monitor is used to ignite and monitor manually started oil or gas burners. Various plug-in amplifier modules allow the monitoring of flames with ultraviolet radiation for intermittent and continuous operation as well as infrared monitoring according to the “AUTOCHECK” principle for continuous operation. The amplifier module provides test sockets for the flame signal.

The flame detector can be used with the flame detectors of the UV1A, 45UV5 and 48PT2 series.

For more details, please refer to the manual.

MBCE-110 / 230UV


The MBCE-110 / 230UV flame monitors provide visual displays and electrical outputs to the user regarding the flame presence in a combustion chamber. The module is used with the Fireye UV flame sensors of the series UV1AL and UV90L for independent detection of the flame presence or as a component in a burner management system. The module provides a cost-effective method for flame monitoring with UV sensors.

The MBCE-UV is not for continuous operation.

For more details, please refer to the manual.