d.s.f. GmbH

We have the Flame under control!

Our company has been dealing with flame monitoring and flame ignition for the industrial sector for 40 years.
In addition to the self-developed ionization flame detectors, high-energy and high-frequency ignition devices, compact ignition modules, ignition monitoring systems and ignition cables, the d.s.f. GmbH is at your side as a sales partner for compact flame monitors, compact flame detectors, flame sensors and pilot burners from Fireye, smoldering fire detectors from Adicos and flame detectors from Spectrex.
In addition, we are happy to support you with our design department in project planning and its implementation with our
in-house control cabinet production for standard industrial environments and also for explosion-proof areas.


Compact flame scanner

UV, IR or UV+IR semiconductor sensors with integrated evaluation electronics and model-dependent FEX software for flame evaluation
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High-energy ignition systems

Direct ignition of gaseous and liquid fuels for fixed installations and also portable with battery operation
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Ionization flame detector

Approved for continuous operation according to DIN EN298:2012, meets the requirements for use in a SIL2 environment 24VDC, 115 or 230 VAC
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Pilot burners and accessories

Gas and light oil pilot burners for various output ranges, design for natural draft or forced draught burners, ionization and ignition lines, ignition monitoring modules, ignition electrodes
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Flame scanner and Flame amplifier

Flame monitoring with separate flame detection (flame sensor) and evaluation electronics located in the control cabinet (flame control with amplifier)
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High frequency and compact ignition modules

High frequency ignition modules with 12-24VDC supply voltage works with ignition cable lengths up to 50m, ignition modules for parallel ignitions
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Automatic burner control

Microprocessor-controlled automatic firing control with self-diagnostics for intermittent or continuous operation (only in conjunction with an ionizing electrode)
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Power Plants


Chemical Plants

Waste / Residue combustion