Automatic burner control

Fireye automatic burner control systems are compact, microprocessor based, primary flame safeguard control systems with self-diagnostics and have many worldwide approvals. The system provides accurate burner control including ignition and flame monitoring for automatically ignited gas, oil or combination burners. In conjunction with the control and safety devices, the fan motor, ignition and fuel valves are controlled for safe operation. The current operating status is indicated by SMART LEDs.



The Fireye BurnerPRO is designed to provide proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring for single and multi-stage or modulating burners used in commercial heating and process equipment fueled by oil and gas fuels. The BurnerPRO flame monitor has two built-in amplifiers that allow it to be used in UV-only, FR-only, and UV+FR applications. UV flame monitoring is accomplished with the available UV90L, UV1AL and UV5 series. Flame monitoring for the FR version is accomplished with an ionizing rod.
The circuit of the FR amplifier is subject to permanent self-control and is therefore designed for continuous operation.
The UV monitoring is designed for intermittent operation, which requires a burner cycle start at least once every 24 hours.
The valve check function checks the safety shut-off valves for leaks before burner start-up or immediately after a burner shutdown. The Modbus interface provides the ability to write user-defined timing parameters as well as read status information during burner operation.

The BurnerPro automatic burner controller can be used as a direct replacement for the most commonly used LFL or TMG automatic burner controllers in existing plants.

A complete BurnerPRO system consists of the housing, wiring frame, and the appropriate flame scanner or ionizing rod.

Burner Logix

YB230 with display module BLV512

The Fireye BurnerLogix system can be operated with various flame sensors or an ionizing rod. The optional display module provides the current status on two lines. The DC version allows parallel operation of multiple compact flame detectors, for example, when the flame is poorly visible.

A complete BurnerLogix system consists of the housing with integrated amplifier (selection depending on application), the appropriate flame scanner, plug-in program module, wiring base and optional display module.

Available expansion modules provide the user with pre-configured status messages and some text messages can be freely configured with the associated software.