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The d.s.f. GmbH was founded in 1977 by Mr. Dietrich Schentke under the name Dietrich Schentke GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. With increasing growth and due to personnel enlargements, the company moved to Neu-Isenburg in 1992.

Due to the expansion of the management in 2008 by Mr. Thomas Rützel, Dietrich Schentke GmbH was renamed to
d.s.f. GmbH

In March 2012, Mr. Dietrich Schentke retired from the company for reasons of age. Since then, Mr. Thomas Rützel is the sole owner and managing director.

Location Head Office Germany

d.s.f. GmbH
Spessartstraße 11
63263 Neu-Isenburg
Phone: +49 61 02 / 78 90 – 0
Telefax: +49 61 02 / 78 90 – 40
E-mail: info@dsf-gmbh.de

The head office is your contact for sales and service of the products for the postal code areas 6, 7, 8 and 9 for Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland (each German-speaking region).

Thomas Rützel

Managing Director

E-Mail: ruetzel@dsf-gmbh.de

Gülsen Uysal

Back Office
Direct call: - 11
E-Mail: uysal@dsf-gmbh.de

Daniel John

Direct call: - 16
E-Mail: john@dsf-gmbh.de

Lilli Dück

Accounting / Back Office
Direct call: - 12
E-Mail: lilli.dueck@dsf-gmbh.de

Benjamin Dück

Direct call: -15
E-Mail: benjamin.dueck@dsf-gmbh.de

Sales and Service Office North Germany

d.s.f. GmbH
Martin-Luther-Weg 14
40723 Hilden
Phone: +49 6102 / 7890 – 14
E-Mail: baer@dsf-gmbh.de

The sales and service office North Germany is your contact for sales and service of the products for the postal code areas 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for Germany.

Marco Baer

Sales / Authorized representative

E-Mail: baer@dsf-gmbh.de

Sales and Service Office Benelux

d.s.f. GmbH
Menno Ter Braakstraat 11
3351 CV Papendrecht

Phone: +49 6102 / 7890 – 0

The Sales and Service office Benelux is your contact for product sales and service for the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium (excluding French-speaking regions).

Hans Heerebrand

Sales and Projects / Benelux
Direct call: - 19
E-Mail: heerebrand@dsf-gmbh.de

Ricardo Heerebrand

Sales and Projects / Benelux
Direct call: - 20
E-Mail: ricardo.heerebrand@dsf-gmbh.de