High-energy ignition systems

High-energy ignition systems for fixed installations and portable versions with battery operation

The ZSH and BZ-V series high energy ignition systems are used for direct ignition of most gaseous or liquid fuels on oil or gas igniters, main burners or flare equipment. The high energy ignition system is available in various designs. For optimum operation, the first part of the ignition tip must always be in an ignitable fuel-air mixture at all operating conditions. The high-energy ignition systems are not suitable for continuous operation.

The HZG1000-EX-0.8 portable high-energy hand-held igniter consists of a 2 kV ignition generator with electronics and can be used in an ATEX environment for Zone 1. To generate an ignition spark, the ignition button must be unlocked and kept pressed. The ignition tip is available in two different lengths.

The ZSH high-energy ignition system version for spark and sense occupies a special position. Here, an ignition tip made of high-temperature stainless steel is used, which functions as a high-energy ignition electrode and then, after the gas fuel has been ignited, detects the presence of a flame by means of ionization measurement with the at d.s.f. GmbH developed IG49 ionization flame detector.

The 0602 and 0802 – compact ignition modules generate regularly clocked DC ignition pulses of 2 kV. The ignition energy is between 0.5 and 8 joules, depending on the version. The electronics are installed in a thermoplastic housing with a connection socket for DIN rail mounting. The devices are suitable for ignition of pilot burners on furnaces and torches.

The thyristor ignition module 0600 or 0800 can be used for continuous operation.