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Simplicity compact flame scanner

65UV5-1004E QD

Technische Beschreibung wie oben, jedoch in EX-Ausführung.


The Fireye Simplicity is a microprocessor based flame scanner. It has a tube which reacts to ultraviolet radiation and has a novel electromechanical self-monitoring mechanism. The Fireye 65UV5 scanner has a built-in flame relay with a fixed ON/OFF threshold so that no external control is required. A color-coded internal LED indicates the flame status and the alarm condition.

Technical data
Flame relay (changeover). UV tube with shutter, supply voltage 24V DC, analog output 4…20 mA, protection class IP66, safety time fixed 1sec. process connection 1″ BSP, purge air connection 3/4″, ambient temperature range -40°C to +65°C, NEMA 4X, IP66 housing, fault relay, LED indicator.

The electrical connection is made via a quick release connector. Approved for continuous operation.

The Simplicity flame scanner is also available as a device for hazardous areas in the Cenelec II 2 G EEx d II C T6 housing. The electrical connection is made via a permanently connected connection cable with Ex d cable gland.

For more details, please prefer to the manual