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Phoenix Compact flame scanner SIL3




The Fireye Phoenix 85UVF/IRF models are microprocessor-based solid state flame sensors. The Phoenix scanners provide integrated flame detection, amplification, safety check and flame relay in one package. No external evaluation device (flame amplifier) is required to communicate with the higher-level control system. The flame scanner measures the amplitude of the modulations occurring in the target flame (flame “flicker”) and is stored with the optimum ON / OFF switching conditions of the flame relay. The appropriate gain at the sensor element is determined automatically.

Technical data

Flame relay (normally open contact). IR or UV sensor, supply voltage 24V DC, analog output 4…20 mA, protection class IP66, adjustable safety time from 1 to 4 sec. process connection 1″ BSP or NPT, purge air connection 3/8″, ambient temperature range -40°C to +65°C, NEMA 4X, IP66 housing, fault relay, self-learning, LED display for flame signal.

The Fireye Phoenix flame sensors are self-monitoring and operate in a UV wavelength range between 295 and 340 nm and an IR wavelength range between 830 and 1100 nm. Optionally available as UV version K3 with an extended wavelength range from 310 to 500nm. The electrical connection is made via a quick disconnect.

All Phoenix flame scanners are also available as devices for hazardous areas in Cenelec II 2 G EEx d II C T6 housings. The electrical connection is made via a permanently connected connection cable with Ex d cable gland.

For more details, please refer to the manual