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InSight 4

InSight 4 Compact flame scanner


The Fireye InSight 4 is a versatile compact flame scanner with many worldwide approvals and is based on the Insight II. The InSight 4 scanners provide advanced discrimination capabilities, integrated flame detection, amplification, safety verification and flame relay in one housing. No external evaluation device (flame monitor) is required to communicate with the higher-level control system. The flame scanner measures the amplitude of the modulations that occur in the target flame (flame “flicker”). The scanner is programmed via a push button display or Fireye Fex software.

The Insight 4 series (-WINC and -CEX models) are also a replacement for the partially discontinued Insight I models.

Fiber optic versions are optionally available for difficult viewing conditions.

The InSight 4 flame scanner is also available as a device for hazardous areas in the Cenelec II 2 G EEx d II C T6 housing. Electrical connection is via a hard-wired connection cable with Ex d cable glands.

For more details, please refer to the manual